she get's it from her mama


one year's worth of expressions.
my personal favorites are by far the scrunchy-mean faces.
can you blame me?
people who know me well frequently inform me that i lack what is called a poker face. you always know exactly where i stand or what i'm thinking about something- or someone- by the expression that's absentmindedly plastered on my face. whether it's a goofy grin or a you-suck-a-lot-at-life scowl, it's inherent. i have no control over it. some people respect this trait while others- mostly the poor souls who have had the misfortune of being on the receiving end- don't find it quite so endearing.

also, you know that mental filter that prevents most people from blurting out their disdain or displeasure for something or someone? well. i don't possess that either. i think 'verbal diarrhea' is what some would call it. and i suffer from it. frequently. i do make an honest effort to not say the first thing i'm thinking or feeling, but, it proves continually to be an exasperatingly unachievable task because people do and say such painfully idiotic things. how do you expect me to hold my tongue when they just walk right into my wake with a remark that is clearly in desperate need of a verbal bitch slap? people just keep throwing these perfect pitches and i just keep stepping right up to the plate and taking the most effortless swings. i can't help hitting home runs, it's their fault for making it too easy. (ps. hey, pops, how do you like my baseball analogy?)

and so it would seem that i passed this trait onto marlo. i, obviously, have a deep rooted appreciation for this genetic good fortune. i just don't know if strangers will have the same affection for it. but for the time being for all who come across it, they think it's pretty entertaining. not to mention, being cute probably negates the severity of her stink face when she's giving it to you.

and, for the record, i do fear the day that she is able to voice exactly what she's thinking at the exact moment she's thinking it. i imagine that it'll be what my parents would refer to as payback.

but between you and me, marlo, i'm really looking forward to it.



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