my birthday is in two days. whoopdie-do. for the first time in probably all twenty-six of my years, i don't really care that much. while i'll admit that realizing that i'm getting older has given me a few heart palpitations,  i've also realized how much love, humor, and light i have in my life. i can't complain about where i stand at this moment. life is pretty fantastic.

so in honor of the big 2-6, i'd like to share 26 random bits of information about none other than me.

1. i might be a narcissist just because i'm doing this. then again, i write a blog about my life so of course i'm a narcissist.
2. if i would've been born on february 29th, i'd only be six and a half. think about that.
3. i desperately want to be a vegetarian.
4. bacon might be my favorite food.
5. i'll never be a vegetarian.
6. i can't stand kristen stewart. if i see her on the television or a magazine, i have to immediately turn the channel or the page. i can't explain it but she gives me severe anxiety.
7. i also get severe anxiety when someone else cooks in my kitchen. it's my space, my domain. don't cross the threshold or bad things will happen.
8. my favorite word is fuck. i can use it as an adjective, a verb, and a noun. and all in one sentence. talent. my second favorite word is mother fucker. i'm not exactly lady-like in this regard.
9. the hardest part about my pregnancy is that i hated the taste of guinness. which i guess is a good thing.
10. i craved red meat while i was pregnant. once, when joe was out of town for business, i bought a beef tenderloin, seared it rare, and literally bit into it like a sub for dinner and used my belly as a table for the plate. how's that for attractive?
11. i have a crush on ellen degeneres. and not a girl crush. like an actual crush.
12. no, i am not a lesbian.
13. i snort when i laugh. it has to be hereditary because my mother, my grandmother, and great-grandmother all do it. marlo has a lot to look forward to.
14. i hate having my photo taken. like, i seriously dread it.
15. my favorite meal is a really good cheeseburger with bacon and crispy french fries.
16. i use to beat up this poor kid named kyle during recess in fifth grade. i was such an asshole.
17. i love cook books but have never followed a recipe exactly. i always do my own thing.
18. i have never met a leopard print that i didn't love.
19. i do not think that imitation is the biggest form of flattery. i think it's annoying. the only person who is allowed to have the same things as i do is my best friend and that's because we've come to the conclusion that we both have ridiculously fabulous taste.
20. i totally judge people if they drink soda. and i'm not sorry. that shit is poison, stop it.
21. i have a tramp stamp. i was an impulsive eighteen year old. i'm thinking about having it removed. it's quite ironic that i think harder about having it removed than i did to get it. idiot.
22. i eat with gusto. nothing makes me happier than a good meal. nothing makes me bitchier than when i'm hungry and without food.
23. i love rainy days. they are my favorite kind of day for a multitude of reasons. throw in a booming thunderstorm and a good bottle of red and it is all. she. wrote.
24. i have a very interesting family dynamic and an even better story behind it. i'm very lucky.
25. i'm a big believer in love. i may be a cynical bitch on most days but i really love love.
26. i'm working on writing a book. i hope to finish it by my twenty-seventh year. hopefully someone will read it other than my mom and dad.

*oh, and thanks hubby for my gifts. they should be here in three to five business days. wink wink.



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