marlo's powerful energy


this city suits marlo. and i knew it would. she's always been alert and hyper-aware, insanely curious, so being in a place where there's always something new to observe and study, really makes her happy and stimulated.

what i didn't expect was how the city would respond to her. it goes without saying that people love babies. babies soften even the most diligently hardened hearts. but watching people interact with marlo has to be one of my most favorite things to witness.

for example, marlo can bring a sour looking grey-haired suit to his knees. her record is 22 seconds. i've counted. once, in starbucks, this scarily intense and impeccably dressed businessman took one look at her and she gave him her biggest two-teeth smile complete with dimples and big blueish-grey eyes, and he was d-o-n-e. baby talk commenced immediately and he even paid for my soy latte. thanks, marlo, i owe you one.

cops have even stopped oncoming traffic for us. foreign-speaking cab drivers (not our cab driver, like random drivers passing by us on the street) have muttered blessings to us her through their windows in languages i didn't understand, sending us off with blown kisses. half creepy, half kind of sweet. okay, three-quarters creepy, one quarter sweet.

one of the most bizarre instances had to have been yesterday at organic avenue. i stopped in for a container of green juice (what some would probably call grass elixir) to take home. i approached the counter to pay (9 dollars for grass drippings juice, y'all. damn, nyc, why you gotta be so 'spensive?!) and the woman stopped what she was doing, took a step back, and looked increasingly alarmed. she gasped and said, 'i'm so sorry, i was just taken off-guard by her powerful energy. don't you feel it?'

i didn't really know what to say. i just brushed it off as her most likely needing some solid food in her system and her dreads being too tight, but then she continued, 'she just awakens every molecule in my being. you must really feel the pull of her energetic spirit.' i respond, 'uhhh, yeah, i'm her mother so i tend to... umm... feel her energy... how much did you say that was??' she then makes the other cashier come over and 'feel the ripple of this baby's vibes.' i shit you not, people. this happened.

so, i think marlo and this city are going to get along just fine.

sidenote: i'm now looking to buy my own juicer. i think organic avenue has had enough of marlo's powerful energy. plus, no one paid for my juice there. 



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