2012 will forever be the year that set the tone for the rest of my life. i got married and had a child and took on a new adventure in a new city with my family. i embraced change in the grandest and most dramatic way a woman can and i'm so, so very thankful. and if 2012 set the tone for the next chapter in my life, i hope that 2013 is the year to explore the opportunities that these changes have presented.

i sit here now and watch my almost-eight month old daughter play with blocks and every few minutes peek around her shoulder at me and smile and i'm filled with the abundant feeling of fullness and contentment. she and joe are the loves of my life and i'm grateful.

i'm confident that there will be many more great years in the future, filled with more children and bigger opportunities and even more love. but nothing will ever top 2012 because it was the year that i learned what my life was about.

2012 was the year where i was tested in ways that i never knew were possible. it was the year that my heart was opened to a love so great, my words will never do it justice. it was the year that made all the years before it completely insignificant yet brought a sense of closure to so many un-answered questions about why things happen the way that they do. 2012 made 1987-2011 make sense.

so, thanks, 2012, i totally get it now. i get it.

i hope everyone has a safe and fabulous holiday. we're off to north carolina tomorrow morning. we've only been gone two weeks but i already miss everyone so much.

see you in the new year.




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