we're in new york. unpacked. mostly, anyway. and my heart is broken.

on friday,  after i read about the shooting, i think i was in shock. it didn't really register. i thought, wow, that is really unbelievable. i hugged marlo a whole lot tighter throughout the day, but i went on with it. the busy got me thru. then, when bedtime came and the quiet gave way to reflection, the dam broke.

as marlo lie safe and sound in my arms, i sobbed. i cried for those babies who wouldn't be home with their parents that evening. i realized just how lucky i am to have my little girl safe in our home. i realized that every day is not only a gift, but a chance to let people know how much i love them. i cannot fathom the grief and heartbreak that those parents are experiencing and i cannot imagine the reality they will have to face for the rest of their lives.

as adults, it's our job to protect children, whether they are our own blood or not. not only are we supposed to protect their bodies from harm, but their innocence and potential is ours to guard as well. those children were our babies, our youth, with their lives in front of them. to think that they experienced even an ounce of fear in those last moments is what gets me the most.
marlo, you're it for me, babe. i'll do everything in my reach to keep you safe, but even then, i know that it may not be enough. hubs, thanks for always holding me while i cry. to the parents and families who lost their babes and loved ones, there are no words.



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