random thoughts from a 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant lady...


Forty weeks. And two days. I feel like I've been pregnant longer than Jessica Simpson. For the record, I'm wondering where this baby is, too. I'd just like to tell her that there's a rocker that's waiting to rock her, books waiting to entertain her, arms dying to hold her, and two people who are about to positively freak out if she doesn't arrive soon. Marlo, save making mama and papa freak out until you become a teenager. It'll have a much bigger impact. Take it from someone who excelled at freaking her mama out.

On that delivery note, is it absolutely insane that I'd kind of wish she'd be born on Cinco de Mayo because I know she'd have one kick-ass twenty-first birthday? I'm already regretting putting that thought out into the world because I'll be 41 weeks pregnant at that point. No. Thank. You.

I can't wait to have a Guinness. I know I'm not really supposed to feel that way but mama loves her a Guinness.

I had to call my health insurance company yesterday to get something clarified and the woman I spoke with was actually helpful and made things more clear. Made. My. Day. It's the little things.

Occasionally I'll attempt to put on pre-pregnancy clothing solely for my own entertainment. That shit's funnayyyy.

The thing I'm scared most about having a kid? The probability of having a picky eater. Well, that and a blow out poop in public with no change of clothes in sight. Rookie...

I don't know what I'm more excited about: seeing and holding Marlo or seeing Joe hold Marlo. MY man with MY baby? Fahgettaboutit...

Speaking of MY man... This weekend there was a little art festival on the greenway where we live, complete with mandatory festival food. We went on Saturday but stupidly didn't carry any cash. Naturally, I made Joe take me back on Sunday because I dreamed about those food stands. No, I'm not kidding. That corndog, french fry, 32oz freshly-squeezed lemonade, and funnel cake never saw it coming. Thank you, Joe, for not judging me. I know it wasn't my most attractive moment.


Carly said...

Cinco de mayo is a great bday to have! It's my hubby's and nieces bday. Good luck to you I hope it's not much longer. Loved the blog!


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