Grilled Mexican Corn


the dish in question
Not to toot my own horn or anything- who am I kidding, I'll go ahead and toot away- but I'm a pretty damn good cook. In fact, it's probably the only qualifying characteristic solidifying me as a domestic goddess. That's right, I'm a goddess. But I don't really clean or do laundry. That's below goddess status standing, obviously.

Truth be told, I don't follow recipes. Doing so makes me feel constricted and gives me hives, like chai tea or the Lily Pulitzer store. Not to mention, I think that anything I come up with in my head is bound to be better than what some famous accomplished chef spent countless time researching and writing and selling to the public via published book. Who needs culinary school? Not this goddess.

So, here is my recipe for one of my favorite summertime side dishes. Grilled Mexican Corn. It's really delicious and simple and can be made inside so it's thunderstorm friendly. Goddesses don't cook in the rain either, so faux-grilled, if you will. Also, you can cut the corn off of the cobb and make it into a salad. But that's for amateurs and five year olds (or my husband, who insists that I do this for him). Personally, I prefer a little corn and cilantro in my teeth from time to time.

What you need:
However many ears of corn you want to serve. In my case, I eat about triple the amount one person should, leaving Joe with the bare minimum because I'm pregnant and a selfish hog like that. I like purchasing my corn from the local farmer's market. It just simply taste better when it's local and in season. Plus it's hella cheaper... as in fifty cents an ear. A is for awesome.
Sour cream. You can do low- or fat-free sour cream here, however, fat-free dairy is sacrilegious to me. It's just one of those things that shouldn't exist.
Sambal chile-garlic paste. I use a lot but I enjoy heartburn. And I know that this isn't a Mexican ingredient so just go with it.
Chopped cilantro. One can never use enough cilantro, am I right?
Juice and zest of one big ol' lime. Yes, big ol' is a technical term. Use one and a half limes if it's being stubborn and dry.
Queso fresco or Grana Padano. FYI, Grana Padano is way cheaper than Parmesan Reggiano, but tastes the exact same. Don't be silly and waste your fifty cents. Buy another ear of corn.
Salt and pepper

What you need to do:
Boil your corn for a little while. Like five minutes or so that it's slightly under-cooked. Take it out of the boiling water and drain it on a paper towel-lined plate. If you put wet corn on the grill, it'll just steam and not get any grill marks and you'd be missing the point, ya' know? When it's dry, grill your corn until it's charred. A char is different than a burn. Trust me on this. Charring equals flavor-town. I baste my corn in melted butter while it browns. Everything is better with a little butter, right? In the meantime, mix up the sour cream, Sambal, lime zest, lime juice, chopped cilantro, salt and pepper. After your corn is browned all over, take it off the grill and slather on the sauce until it is liberally coated. Remember that your corn is really just a sacred vessel for this spicy, creamy sauce. Don't be shy or nervous. This isn't a first date, this is like third base and you're trying to get in the door and lucky. This favor will be returned. Grate your cheese all over the grilled perfection and top with even more chopped cilantro. Step back and pat yourself on the back because this is what divinity looks like.

Now, go floss.



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