I have this weird habit of looking up the date and seeing what famous people were born on that day. I've become even more obsessive in the past few weeks because I want to know who my baby girl is going to have to share HER day with. I share a day with Justin Bieber, an absolutely horribly planned joke by the universe. Also, Javier Bardem- yum- who is just plain sex on a Spanish stick. He almost makes up for the Beebs. I despise Justin Bieber. He looks like a shorter, manorexic Rachel Maddow.

Anyway, Marlo could come any day now and I'd love it if were sooner rather later. But not today. She can not come today. I'd rather share a birthday dinner at McDonald's with JB seven years in a row than have my baby girl share a birthday with Adolf Hitler (hello? The Holocaust), Carmen Electra (Dennis Rodman and Prince, really?), and Joey Lawrence (The WHOA guy on Blossom who now has the most bizarre hair line ever).

Not to mention it's 4/20. She just can't be born on 4/20. Too much to fear.

Happy Friday.



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