Joe working from home. It's so much easier to bug him and yell from downstairs that I've gone into labor... just kidding. He doesn't find it as funny for some reason.
His scruffy face when he doesn't go into the office. Yum.
Meeting the new English Bulldog puppy in our building whose name is Rick James. He is wrinkly awkward puppy perfection.
The dreams I've been having about baby girl. She's super cute and chunky in these dreams.
When I was sick, I lost a lot of weight. If you didn't know, you're not supposed to lose weight while pregnant. Over the past two weeks, I've been attempting to put it all back on through the consumption of cheese. It's working...
My big ol' belly. I think I might actually miss it. The waddling? The waddling, I will not miss.
The number of rainy days we've had this week. Mama loves her some rainy days.
Joe walking in from work and asking, "how are my girls?" My tear ducts get a lot of exercise.
Smoothies. Every day.
The fennel sausage, artichoke, caramelized onion, and parmesan tart I made for dinner last night. The. Bomb. Dot. Com. Again, gaining weight? Not a problem.


erin said...

i am currently in "excited mode" for you! very soon my dear!

April said...

I am so excited for Marlo to get here! I am not on FB so you better post some pics of her sweet face on here or instagram:)

Christine said...

I will for sure! I can't wait to meet my little lady, too!


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