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Happy New Year, y'all! I have a feeling it's going to be a pretty epic year. Having a baby and getting married will make one think that. Especially when you're creating people and making it legal with this guy...
Doesn't he look so tough? Like a terrorist? He's not really. Super tough- or a terrorist, for that matter. He's a lovah and I love that about him. This picture was taken in Mexico around this time last year and we're thinking about going back in September for a little H-O-N-E-Y-M-O-O-N! Except for the minor detail that baby will be there with us. Don't give us crap on it not being just the two of us. We're all silly and giddy talking about it being our first family vacation with an added bonus of celebrating being hitched. Plus the resort has babysitters on site so mommy and daddy can have a little mommy-daddy time... bow chicka bow wow... 

I guess it's kind of obvious that I'm in love. And not just with him, but with my entire life. Life has such an entertaining way of working out exactly the way it's supposed to. Not so entertaining when you're living it, but in hindsight, it's hysterical. A little happiness goes a very long way for some people. I know it does for me. Happiness has made everything very clear.

I've already listed my 2012 Resolutions, and after giving it some serious thought and reflection, I'm starting to really despise the idea of having a list of things that you need to change or tweak about yourself. Starting the year off that negatively is a tad counterproductive, isn't it? You're basically saying, you suck and you need to not be you.

I don't suck and I like being me. So, there.

I'm pretty happy with how I'm living my life. I wake up everyday confident in my choices, confident within myself and my abilities, content with who I surround myself with, and I look into that guys' face and we rub the belly that's starting to more and more resemble Buddha's, and I realize that I've already got it all. I've kind of figured out what life is all about. It's about finding out what works for you and keeps you at your best and sticking with that formula with some minor adjustments along the way because life is good at throwing you dodge-balls. It's hysterical like that. That guy, this baby, my family, my friends, my health- that all keeps me at my best.

So, I crumpled up my resolutions and, instead, I wrote a list of Things To Keep Up: Keep up the healthy eating because it looks and feels good on you. Keep working on your relationship because it's important to you and so is he. Keep cooking because you're good at it and good food makes you happy. Keep thinking about becoming a Mama because she already brings you so much joy. Keep the negative people out of range because they just bring you down. Keep up the reading and less television because it makes you smarter and learning is fun. Keep up the realistic positivism and keep at bay the negativity that tends to be everywhere.

Just keep appreciating beauty in any form that it presents itself as.


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pretty darn cute if you ask it and u!


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