Awesome Vs. Awkward


In no particular order:

1. Realizing that you look like a fat-guy-in-a-little coat half way through the day when you left the house feeling so good about yourself and your growing assets.
2. Glancing down at your engagement ring- AGAIN- and saying 'wow' because, not only is it kaaarazy beautiful, but also because you still can't believe that he wants to spend forever with you.
3. Crying the ugly cry at work. For no reason.
4. Buying a Christmas gift for someone at the ABC store and witnessing a really disgusted look come over the cashiers face because he glances down at your 5.5 months pregnant belly. Naturally, you insist that it isn't for you by exclaiming, "Do I look like the kind of person to drink Goldschlager?" over and over again. So now you're not only a pregnant drunk, but a hormonal snob, too. Awesome.
5. Baby ninja kicks that someone else actually felt so I finally know for sure now that it isn't just gas.
6. Dreams of giving birth to a unicorn. What. The. Fuck.
7. Always dreaming of having bigger boobs, finally having them, and realizing that you absolutely hate them. Joe politely disagrees.
8. Joe waking me up by exclaiming that, "someone gets to wear their rain boots today!" A- he knows me too well; B- he enjoys making fun of the fact that I LIVE for wearing rain boots. Even in the sunshine.
9. Enjoying mine and Joe's intense competitiveness just a little too much. Especially with texts that go a little something like, "Boom." "Booyah." "(Not) Sorry." "And that's how it's done." "Boomshakalaka." "In. Yo. Face." "WINNING. Well, I am. You are LOSING." Ahhh, sweet love.
10. Getting a Christmas package addressed to a Miss Marlo Fadel. Her first addressed package! After squealing with sentiment and even tearing up, Joe told me that we should think about bronzing it. The probability that he was making fun of me is high.


Amanda Michelle said...

hahaha you nerd. i love. no more crying the ugly.. for today at least :)


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