Awkward Vs Awesome, Preggo Edition


When you're pregnant, you tend to encounter a lot of both. Drumroll, please......

1. Being in line at Dean & Deluca and a terribly nice man letting me skip him because "I'm carrying an extra passenger" and, also, because I probably look like I'm going to kill someone if I don't eat soon. Nice man is my new best friend and favorite person.
2. New best friend and favorite person then saying, "I've got a couple of kids of my own but I really wish I could be pregnant. You're so lucky." Ummm... okay, weirdo.
3. People telling me that I resemble Demi Moore instead of Mariah Carey while pregnant. Probably the best thing a pregnant lady could ever hear. That and, "would you like some more macaroni and cheese?"
4. I'm going on a work trip to New York this weekend. When my boss asked me if there were any specific foods that I wanted stocked in my room, my first and immediate thought was brie, pickles, and chicken nuggets. Uhhh, I'm sorry, what?
5. Coming out of the bathroom in nothing but Joe's boxer-briefs to wear to bed. As J looks me up and down, he gives me the eyes that scream, "Wow. If only everyone could be this lucky." I probably looked something like Mariah Carey pregnant.
6. Using extra virgin olive oil instead of the sixty-dollar lotion (sixty dollars!) for stretch mark prevention and then hours later, wondering why I smell lasagna everywhere I go. Oh? That's just me.
7. My belly button.
8. Peeing seventeen times in a day. SEVENTEEN times in ONE day!
9. At my last pre-natal doctors appointment, the (male) doctor walking in and saying, "Well, you've really grown all over, I see." Yeah, thanks, good to see you again, too.
10. In an otherwise full parking lot at the grocery store, I stumbled upon an open Expectant Mother parking spot right up front. For the first time ever, I was actually able to use it honestly. Laziness is the same thing as pregnancy, no?

Ahhh, pregnancy. It ain't awesome til' it's awkward.



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