...Because of Baby F


10 things I'm swooning over...
no. 4

1. J walking in after work, placing his hand on my belly while giving me a kiss, and then saying, "how are my babes?" Even sarcastic cynics will shed a few tears.
2. Miss Vickie's Funky Fusion potato chips. Oh. My. Lawd.
3. Reconnecting with old friends.
4. Finding THE rocking chair.
5. Mimi giving me the entire collection of Dr. Seuss books from my childhood, minus 1. Which, of course, just so happens to be my favorite. Not loving that.
6. My ever (and quickly) expanding belly. It's just so cute. Not to mention it's incubating something even cuter.
7. Having the nursery planned. A bit early, I know, but I don't like scrambling.
8. Mimi, Poppy, WooWoo, Papa, Tata, and Giddy. This kid is going to be loved.
9. Counting down the days until we find out if Baby F is a Marlo or a Jude. We're placing bets, FYI.
10. Knowing that as sweet as these days are and as much as my heart has opened over the past few months, it doesn't compare to what I'm going to feel when I see Baby F for the first time. He or she will be mine. Forever. And that's pretty damn cool.



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