Placing Bets


Last night, J and I had dinner with some of my best friends and their spouses. While we dually noted that we're all either old, engaged, married, or knocked up, one other thing was established over meatloaf, wine ginger ales, and a fierce craving of smoked bacon ice cream:

As I informed my friends last night that I plan on having an epidural-free, natural birth (I am woman, hear me roar!), my genius friend Lisa, placed a bet. She promised me that if I am able to birth Baby F without any drugs, she will tattoo my name in a heart on her bum.

We shook on it.

As if I didn't already have enough incentive....


analmond said...

Alright lady! I know you are strong and you can do it! I highly recommend you hire a doula to deal with the pain. It is simply something that can be handled alone or by the coach (man) alone. I will say that I have no interest in ever doing an epidural free birth. Haha! I tried to last as long as I could and the pain had me begging for the epidural. The pain is different from any other and music/visualizations/massage/birthing ball/ birthing tub couldn't help enough for me to go at it alone. Good luck!! Preparation is key!


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