Wishes for Baby F


I hope that you are always proud to be ours, even when we embarrass you.
I hope that you aren't afraid to be exactly who you're meant to be.
I hope that you love deeply but never lose yourself in that love.
I hope that you are kind, empathetic, conscientious, and fair.
I hope that your laugh sounds like your dads. And that it's loud.
I hope that you never forget to say thank you.
I hope that you ignore the people who say you can't, the people who say you won't, or the people who say you shouldn't. You know better.
I hope you become someone who isn't afraid to say no.
I hope you respect peoples' past. We all have a story.
I hope that you appreciate where you came from, where you want to go, and- more importantly- where you're currently standing.

I hope you grow up knowing how much love you brought into our lives from day one.



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