Be good, or be good at it...


Surprisingly enough, I actually let myself come back from Mexico. If you want to see pictures from the trip, I created an album for your individual viewing pleasure. See it here. I narrowed it down from over 500 photos, you know, just so you don't die of jealousy boredom.

I've already told everyone how beautiful it was there (a jealousy-envoking kind of beauty, actually) but I was unaware of the fact that we weren't vacationing in the really in-demand part of Cabo. We were twenty minutes and a world away from where the real action was.

I won't go into explicit details of the trip to the other side of the world; however, I will say that the 'c-word' could now officially stand for 'classy Christine'. You see, on the Friday before we left, we went to a very touristy part of Los Cabos. After visiting Lover's Beach and seeing some very awkward sea lions fight, we collectively decided to visit a place called 'The Office'. And let's just say that it didn't exactly invoke a professional environment. Instead, it employed a man who referred to himself as El Doctor. His sole responsibility in this fine establishment was to approach each table and offer to pour warm Don Julio (the medicine in the metaphor, apparently) down the throats of any willing participants. If you weren't a willing participant, he was to make fun of you until your fellow table-mates called you names and told you that you were a pansy until you took your turn.

In my case, no name-calling was needed. I was- given my overtly classy nature- a very willing participant. Three margaritas and four warm Don Julio shots later, I was determined to make my parents proud. **it should be noted that in Mexico, they do not use the standard 1.5 oz pour; multiply it. 

I decided that the best way to do this was to spot the only mechanical bull in all of Los Cabos and bet the operator that he couldn't throw me off. Long story short, I won the bet and received a standing ovation from the 400 or so restaurant patrons who got the show of a lifetime. I also woke up the next morning with whiplash like a mean bitch.

You're thinking that I could just be making this up, but no. Sadly, I am not. There is photographic evidence. And just so I can make fun of myself before anyone else can do it, I'll share them with you.
After the shot, he shakes your head for good measure.
El Doctor's successor, Rambo. Annihilation. 
Be good or be good at it. 

And there ya' go.



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