Yes, I'm blogging. From Mexico


Don't laugh. I know I shouldn't be anywhere near a computer while in paradise but when you can't adjust to the time change, fall asleep at 9 pm because you drink 5 of the best margaritas and mojitos that you've ever, EVER had, you're bound to arise at 6 am. The beauty of rising at 6 am? You get to see this:

This would be my second sunrise of the trip.
I can sleep in when I come home.
Here are a few of the pics I've taken so far. Enjoy.
Obviously, in deep thought. Per usual.
Something about palm trees. They're like daisies. They make you happy.
The white stuff on those rocks? Yeah, that's poop.
For some reason I'm fascinated by this realization.
Me and the sweet guy that brought me to paradise.
This is actually a later shot of the same sunrise this morning.
Seeing something like this really puts it all into perspective.
Today, I opted out of an eight hour deep-sea fishing trip (I'll pass on the motion sickness and boredom; apparently, I have the attention span of a child) and instead, opted in on a hot-stone massage and facial on the beach.

I may never come home.


Heather said...

that place is amaze! you definitely should have gone deep sea fishing, SO much fun, I love it. Enjoy!!


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