Just a drunk tin-man princess. 
My birthday is in 17 days. I'm not counting down per se- it's just easy because my birthday is on the first day of the month and I don't have to use my fingers to count. I'm a smart one, yes I is.

If you haven't figured it out, the above picture is from the shindig celebrating my 21 years in life. It was awesome, from the bits and pieces that I can remember. It was a night of big things: my first irish car bomb (now a staple in my drinking repertoire), my first experience with creepy European men and their inexplainable lack of personal space, and the first- and not last time- I've tapped myself out of a bar. It was an awesome night spent with some of my favorite people and oldest friends. I was reminded of how lucky I am to have such lovely people in my life.

I don't despise growing old like some women. I don't believe that my ovaries are drying up and I sure as hell don't fear wrinkles. I just wear a lot of sunscreen. Along with age, comes some maturity. Along with age comes experience. Along with age comes the ability to put everything into perspective and weed out the bullshit more easily. You learn what and who is worth it and what and who isn't. Sometimes life can be like a big cowboy boot kick to the ass. A size-11-cowboy-boot-with-spurs kind of kick to the ass. The beauty of age is that when a new and most promising year presents itself, an older, shittier one can be left  to drift along with the tumbleweeds.

This year, I'm making a list of things I wish for and things that I'm planning on doing. I'm going to frame it and hang it on my wall just so I have to look at it everyday and deal with the internal guilt if the stuff isn't crossed off in a timely fashion. I've got a year, but patience isn't exactly one of my best virtues. Add that to the list.

At the top of my list: start grad school in the fall, get a few pieces published, hold a handstand in yoga for 30 seconds without assistance, give up red meat, live fearlessly and not be hindered by the past, drink less beer more water, give a compliment to at least one person everyday, buy more vintage, be less critical of myself, sing karaoke, go to more concerts and dance like I don't care who is watching, and my big one: live my life exactly how I want to live it and without explanation or justification. 

Here's to 24 candles on my cupcake. I've earned 'em.



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