my day {in quotes}


Last night I celebrated my birthday with some of my most favorite people. We drank good drinks and ate delicious food. It was delightful and the only way I ever want to spend my birthday. I got some very sweet cards and my favorite was from J. On the front of it, it simply said:

"Celebrate Your Craziness! Happy Birthday!"- Leo Buscaglia

If you knew the both of us and our relationship dynamic, you would understand how fitting and appropriate this card is for me. I'm crazy and he allows me to celebrate it.

The quote inspired me to share some of my favorite quotes from the evening. I won't tell you who said what... because that might be embarrassing.

"Male figure skaters aren't gay, they just like to wear feathers."

"Do cows that live on the side of mountains have different size legs? They have to in order to stay on the mountain. But wait, does that mean that they only go around the mountain in a clock-wise rotation?"

"One of my legs has to be shorter than the other because my right hip always hurts."

"When they're in Vegas, we'll go to Uptown Cabaret. They at least have poles- which means they're athletic."

"Normal is just a setting on a washing machine."




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