Why not?


So for the next week, I am going to be celebrating my twenty-three years spent on this earth. My actual birthday is on Monday but since I'm a big advocate for birthday weeks (er, months) I'll be doing A LOT of celebrating. Why not, right? I can justify anything, I tell ya.

Last year on my birthday we were blessed with six inches of snow, which coincidentally shuts down the city (stupid south), which prevented me from celebrating my twenty-second year. I guess I'll just have to make up for it this year. Again, why not?

My plan is to eat as much dessert as possible (cupcakes, please!) and drink a few (riggghhhhtt) glasses of wine, champagne, and martinis all while wearing a fabulous pair of new boots that the bf got me. They are FAB!  Why not?

Well one reason why not is that along with the big 2-3, is the possibility that I may not be able to recover as well as I did when I was 22 or 21 (and thank goodness for quick recovery that year because I had some fun, whew!) . I doubt things will change overnight but I think it's all psychological. So I'm going to try to convince myself that I have the energy of an 21 year old, the wiseness of someone 25 (are they the wiser?), and the options of a 18 year old. 

I also have a list of things that I want to do this year. They're to come. Happy twenty-three to me!!



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