"You're nuts, but you're welcome here."- Steve Martin


Newsflash: every single one of us has a bad habit. We have to acquire bad habits because otherwise, we'd be perfect and ruin it for everyone else. It's unfortunate, I know seeing as how I particularly enjoy striving for perfection. Today, I discovered (well, I didn't just discover it, rather I am just now admitting its' level of badness and annoyance) that my particular habit is this: harping.

Sometimes I harp for a day or even an hour. Or maybe even a few days or a week. And for special occasions I enjoy harping for A. Very. Long. Time. Sometimes I keep it to myself, and other times, I delight others with it. Harping is not good, I don't believe. Harping keeps you from allowing yourself to move one- no matter how big or small the issue might be. Occasionally, there is appropriateness associated with harping- for example, you shouldn't let the offense or situation go because you haven't had closure- and other times, you harp just to be an annoying, bad-habit driven person. The latter was my case this morning. And I feel like a jackass.

The difficulty lies here: when you make a decision, you are not only making a decision to deal with whatever results from the situation, you are also making the commitment to let it go. You are making a decision to not harp. You are making your bed so you have to shut the hell up and lie in it. It's pretty simple, yet so difficult.

So my "23rd-year-on-Earth-it's-time-for-some-retrospective" resolution is to stop harping and feel like less of a jackass as a result.



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