embracing change


so, joe and i did something a little crazy. we bought a house... without actually seeing it.

the time line goes a little something like this:

wednesday afternoon, joe tells me he can start working in charlotte on january first. hooray! 

friday morning, he sends me the listing for the actual home of my dreams followed with heart eye emojis. (this isn't uncommon. we've been emotionally cutting each other like this for a year now.) i fall in love and ask him if we can just buy the damn thing. i'm kidding. or, at least, i think i am because we already decided to rent for a year while we find our home. plus, there's no way it could possibly be this easy. or could it?

friday afternoon we find out the house has three other offers. we waited to long. friday night, we sign and email in our official offer with the assumption that it's stupid to do because, hello, THREE OTHER OFFERS AFTER ONLY A FEW HOURS OF BEING LISTED. there is an open house scheduled for sunday afternoon so we're told to not expect to hear anything until monday. we are not getting this house. obviously. heart eye emojis be damned. 

saturday morning, joe calls me while i'm at the coffee shop and asks me if there are any coffee shops near our new house. i say, "dunno, joe." he says, "no, christy. are there any coffee shops near OUR NEW HOME." "wait, what the fuck?!" i start crying in the middle of the coffee shop because HOLY SHIT THIS HOME OF MY DREAMS THAT WE'RE NEVER GOING TO GET IS NOW THE HOME OF MY REALITY AND OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD DREAMS COME TRUE I'M GETTING THE EFFFFF OUT OF NEW YORK OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. 

so. we got the home of our dreams, complete with tree house in the back yard and bright white kitchen. it's old (built in 1926). it has original hardwood floors, a window overlooking the sink, and there is an air conditioned (what the what?!) tree house for my girls to play in when i'm not barricading myself away in it while drinking wine.

this is, by far, the most insane thing we've ever done. if you know joe, you know that he isn't exactly a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of guy. he's predictable and dependable and i love those two qualities about him. however, when i think about our timeline as a couple, this particular mode of change has sort of been our credo. (long story short, it takes a while for us to make our minds up but when we do, things begin moving at lightning speed.) 

so, as it turns out, maybe it actually can be this easy when things are right? maybe change isn't such a scary thing when you know you're making a change for the better? who knows? all i know is that i've never been happier and i'm so ready for this next chapter of life to begin with my family in the one place i've always known as home.

ps. a goodbye letter to new york... coming soon. 


Esperanza said...

aww I cant wait til this is my reality! congrats on the house and best wishes on the move <3

Unknown said...

I continue to love your blog. This is one of the only blogs I've found that resonates with me. Your take and shares on the joy and struggle of motherhood is remarkably candid, and appreciated, in this sugar coated social media world.

I also have a guess on the new house, being raised in CLT. Plaza Midwood colonial?? (I still shop the listings, just in case)

Best of the best to your fam.

Christine said...

Margaret, thank you for what you said. My only goal for people who take the time out of their day to read what I write is to walk away feeling like someone else understands the ups and downs of life. So, thank you for making me feel so good about that.

And yes! That is the exact house! So funny that you know which one I'm talking about. If you're ever in the neighborhood please say hello if you see us out and about! xx, C

acoldcupofcoffee said...

Oh my gosh -- you're leaving New York?! This is so exciting! But kind of sad for me because I love seeing NY through your eyes. I absolutely cannot wait to see it! Congratulations, mama!!! PS this is lilylemonlime from IG 😘 I told you I'd be following your blog!


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