round two | 33 weeks + a surprise shower


if i had any shame, i might be embarrassed to share this photo with you. but the truth is that this is the reality of pregnancy for me: licking the feta cheese and creamed spinach that oozes down the side of my perfectly cooked, mid-rare burger before i can make it to sit down at a table and use utensils like the well-mannered lady i am not. the fact that someone got it on film is classic me.

anyway, i showed up to karolina's house for what i thought was just a short pitstop before we trekked it to brunch somewhere in the east village. but, no. those bitches got me good! it was a surprise shower for me and my little edie bun with my nearest and dearest in attendance. the theme? pregnant as fuck. my girlfriends seriously get me.

and, without getting all hormonal and emo on you, i just have to say that it was so, so good.

it felt good to feel special. it felt good to feel honored. and it felt really good to know that edie is also loved by many.

not that i had any doubt, but to be surrounded by encouraging, like-minded, unique, and strong women who support me unconditionally and who have been there for me over the past two years made it all the more obvious to me and my family that we've got one hell of a tribe.

and that is the epitome of good.

that is the damn dream.

so, ladies (and rio, the only boy invited), thank you for making me and my littlest one feel so special. thank you for making me laugh and for loving me for exactly who i am, hormonal or not. and a special thank you to karolina for opening up your home to us and for making such delicious food.

ps that cake! it was so damn good. i want another entire cake to myself when she's born if that's okay?! okay?


ss said...

Girl, I'm so happy for you. I don't make it to your blog (or anyone's for that matter) very often anymore, but when I do you always always make me smile. Can't wait to see photos of that baby!


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