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my birthday is in a few weeks. twenty-eight. 28.

whoopdie doo.

it's not too important of a birthday as far as monumental ages go. it's no twenty-one and it's definitely no thirty. thank goodness on both accounts.

and while i'm probably far too old to be making a birthday list of items that i'll most likely just end up purchasing for myself (joe and i aren't big on gift giving to each other), i figure twenty-eights' lackluster is the perfect excuse (along with the fact that i'm going to squeeze a human out of my vajayjay this year) to splurge and buy myself a couple of aesthetically pleasing treats.
le creuset signature braiser | so, here's the deal. these pans are expensive. like, hella expensive. however, they last a lifetime. and that isn't an exaggeration. also, i cook a lot. cost per use and all of that, yada, yada, yada. personally, i would rather invest in something that will literally last me FOREVER then buy some weird chemical coated piece of cookware that i'll have to replace every five or ten years. i have the larger dutch oven and i use it at least four or five times a week. we're also badly in need of a new every day pan so we can throw a few crappy hand-me-down pieces out. i think i've justified myself enough for my own liking.

fp 'alana' robe | this gift is based solely on practicality. i'll be nursing a baby constantly in the next few months and little edie bun will legitimately need easy access to my boobs. easy access should, at the very least, be lovely. well, as lovely as the sight of me constantly in a robe can be, of course. poor joe.

joie 'dalton' booties | because fairly impractical shoes are the ultimate luxury. amiright? or amiright? i also have a coupon. so.

the little paris kitchen by rachel khoo | i watch her show on the cooking channel and i'm only slightly obsessed with her. also, i collect cookbooks even though i have no intention of ever cooking from them. inspiration, if you will.



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