two zero one five


i used to buy into that whole "new year, new me" hullabaloo. however, after attempting (and failing miserably) to be the new me year after year, i decided to stop while i wasn't ahead.

i find it all kinds of silly to assign a year as the year that you're going to magically have the willpower to become the person you're always capable of being. plus, who needs that kind of pressure? life is complicated enough without waking up and looking at yourself in the mirror only to want to punch yourself in the face because all you can think about is the gluten that you told yourself you wouldn't eat for the rest of your life yet you ate at two am the night before.

silly, right? i mean, just eat the damn toast.

this year, i'm being realistic. i have compiled a manageable list of things that can and must and will happen this year. so, without further adieu and in no particular order, here are the ten things i'm going to do in twenty-fifteen:

1. birth a baby. 

2. love the shit out of said baby.

3. keep loving the shit out of joe.

4. keep loving the shit out of marlo. 

5. less complaining.

6. keep it simple.

7. cook for the people i love. oh. and drink some wine with them, too.

8. write. write. write. and then write some more.

9. focus on people and experiences, instead of things.

10. quality over quantity, always.



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