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i'm no expert. hell, i wouldn't even go as far to say that i'm seasoned in this whole pregnancy predicament. but after going through this 1.5 times, i do have a formula for what makes things as easy as possible for me and my lifestyle.

and on the off-set chance that you are pregnant too, hope to be one day, or are just obsessed with pregnancy like i was before i ever even wanted children, here are the things that have gotten me through this pregnancy thus far. ps. i'm posting this now because the third trimester is something most pregnant women simply try to survive and no product makes it some magic carpet ride instead of the hell that it usually feels like. 

1. waiting for birdy | this book makes me convulse with laughter while i stay up far too late unable to put this hysterical book down. catherine newman is spot on in regards to second pregnancies, raising a toddler, and motherhood in general. a must read for any pregnant mama or soon-to-be mama.

2. summer love organic coffee body scrub | admittedly, i'm not the glowy pregnant woman. i find those women obnoxious. my skin looks horrible while pregnant and if you add in the dry, cold weather of northern winters, well, it's just not fun. this body and face scrub works wonders soothing my itchy dry skin and smells fantastic, too. completely affordable, too, since it lasts forever.

3. one love organics 'vitamin c' body oil | this is a splurge and not one that i'd make often. but, again, when your skin looks and feels like the scales of a lizard, you'll bite the bullet and do what you can to feel normal. it also smells like a tropical vacation. so, there's that.

4. peter thomas roth 'max complexion correction' pads | my skin hasn't been the same since before i got pregnant with mo and only got worse when i got pregnant with edie. these pads, while more expensive than the oxy clean pads of our yester-years, work like magic. i use them morning and night and haven't had a break out in months.

5. crane drop ultrasonic cool mist humidifier | i tend to get nosebleeds while pregnant because of the extra blood in my body and the dry heat pumping into our apartment. let me tell you something: waking up with blood all over your face is alarming and the opposite of fun. so, i started sleeping with a humidifier by my bed and the nosebleeds have been kept to a minimum. and fyi: this particular humidifier doesn't have a filter and is the least hideous of the inexpensive humidifiers i found online.

6. new chapter wholemega | the thought of eating fish the first trimester made me want to vomit- along with the thought of eating anything other than cheerios. but when a baby's brain is developing, omegas are important. so i take these because they don't make your breath smell like catfish and they're small so i don't gag.

7. salus haus floradix iron + herbs | i'm anemic and severely so while pregnant. my friend, karolina, mama of two, recommended this and as a result, i felt lightyears better. i found that other iron tablets tend to make pooping fairly unbearable and non-existend and since i'm already pretty miserable being anemic and exhausted, why add something else to the mix. this liquid is easy to digest and tastes like grape juice. easy enough.

8. j brand black maternity jeans | i don't invest in maternity clothes. however, i grew VERY quickly with edie and my normal jeans- even the loose, baggier ones- wouldn't button after about week eight. (week EIGHT?!?!) i bought these black skinny jeans and am still wearing them. personally, i prefer below the bump pants but there are several options out there for those of you who prefer fabric to cover your bump. totally worth the money since i wear them almost every day, minus the days i don't get out of sweat pants. 

9. calvin klein low rise hip brief | what's sexier than a whale in men's whitey tighties? a pregnant whale in whitey tighties! it's actually economical since joe can wear them when i've moved back to the women's department. and i could tell you that i only wear them when i go to bed but i think we both know that i'd be lying. i have no shame.

10. bkr water 1L bottle | you're a camel while pregnant and this is the most attractive water bottle i can find. a plus being that marlo has thrown it against many of walls and it has yet to shatter.


Unknown said...

I love this list! It is spot on. "What's sexier than a whale in whitey tighties!?" Haha! So good.

Unknown said...

Great round up.. humidifier is something I would consider pregnancy related comforts. I always need moisten the air. I use a warm-mist humidifier in my room to add some nose-soothing moisture to the air.


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