i cry a lot these days


1. for starters, this whirlpool commercial. it kicks me in both ovaries every. single. time.
2. the national anthem. every. single. time. particularly so when it's just instrumental.
3. every. single. time marlo asks to touch or love or see "her baby." 
4. every. single. time i eat these chocolate and caramel shortbread cookies from one girl cookies. they're that good.
5. when nothing fits. which is every. single. day.
6. when i'm trying to go to the bathroom. you guys. the struggle is real.
7. every. single. time i think about living in seven hundred square feet with a three year old and an infant. 
8. when i'm tired and can't nap. which is always. 
9. when i look down and realize that i've hit the bottom of the nutella jar and i didn't pause to really savor that last spoonful. 
10. and, finally, when i sing "you are my sunshine" to marlo at the end of the day and i get to the part where it says, "my only sunshine" because i know that she is no longer my only sunshine and it makes me equal parts horribly sad and unbearably ecstatic. i'm going to miss these days of just us so much but i also know that my heart is going to expand again in unfathomable ways.  


Amber Elizabeth said...

yes that commercial is a recipe for the good kind of warm water works. my daughter is 3 and i still tear up for no reason. bless you and your beautiful family.


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