five things | round two


the bean. 
1. three years to the day that we found out that we were pregnant with our little mo, i took a test that told me that we would be giving her a sibling. later that evening, marlo excitedly ran up to joe when he walked in the door and let him know that there was FINALLY a baby in mama's belly. "itssa baybeee in dere, dada!" (fyi. she's been asking for one for months.) 

2. we are due the week of marlo's third birthday although the due date changes by a few days each visit depending on the beans' growth. but due dates mean little anyway, amiright? (especially according to marlo.) the first week of may could end up being a very busy- and very wonderful- week for this family of mine for the rest of our lives. and that is pretty damn cool.

3. this picture was taken when i was only seven weeks along at a vineyard. (ps. a vineyard tour isn't the best place to visit when you're newly pregnant and can't drink wine. it's pouring salt into an open and swollen pregnant wound.) my abs put up no such fight this time around. they just parted like the red sea and my bump was all, "hey! it's partay time!!! let's do this!" it's now about three times as big as it was in that photo. and, yes, i get the "are you having more than one?" question a lot.  i got it from my grandmother last night when we were able to tell her in person. but, nope. it's just one in there, thankyouverymuch.

4. current cravings: yellow rice, french fries, store-bought rotisserie chicken, mushroom quesadillas, pizza from juliana's, goat cheese, eggs, b.l.t.'s on croissants with too much mayo, freshly squeezed orange juice. current aversions: cooking ground meat, coffee (i still love a latte though!), and the smells of play-doh, beer, and red wine.

5. there is nothing more comforting to me than when marlo climbs onto my lap and lays her head on my belly and rubs and loves "her baby." she's fully aware of what's going on and her enthusiasm surrounding her brother or sister gives me this newfound excitement which i'm desperately clinging onto. it's that abundance of unassuming excitement that keeps the anxiety surrounding what raising two kids actually entails at a minimum. also, i now know how dogs feel when their favorite person in the world spends a few minutes scratching that special spot behind their ear. my favorite person is marlo and i'm very much like a labrador when i'm pregnant. give me all the belly rubs!


Anni said...

Store bought rotisserie chicken was one of mine and still is! Congrats fadels!!!

Unknown said...

Congrats!!! So sweet!


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