virginia is for lovers and drinkers and eaters


pardon the silence this week but i left my computer charger in charlotte and although the USPS claims to have delivered it on thursday, it is nowhere to be found.


i'm back from a long labor day weekend spent in virginia visiting vineyards and eating way too much with some of the loveliest of ladies. it was a welcomed little break from my daily grind but i was incredibly happy to be home with my two babes. notwithstanding marlo being in a phase of wanting absolutely nothing to do with me. she barely acknowledges my presence most days and acted as if i hadn't been gone for almost an entire week when i walked in the door. the warmest of welcomes, i tell you what. it's all daddy-daddy-daddy-i-love-you-the-most and wait-who-are-you-again-mommy-?

as you might imagine, i'm not a huge fan of this particular stage of lamenting her daddy's girl status. luckily they're damn cute together.

happy weekend everyone!



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