five things | marlo says


marlo, almost 28 months, staring into the city, pondering the meaning of life, i'm sure.
thanks, joe, for the photo.
1. when marlo wants to be held, cuddled, or picked up, she simply declares, "i need you."

2. marlo will hear me moving about in the kitchen and, almost instinctually it seems, bring over her stool and tell me, "i wanna 'elp, mama" or, "i wanna watch, mama."

3. yesterday late afternoon while lounging on the sofa for all of thirty-seven seconds, i told mo that i needed to get up and start on dinner. without a word, she raced off into the kitchen and i heard her rummaging through the drawers in search of something. as she found what she was apparently looking for, she loudly gasped, ran over to me and- quite forcefully, i might add- threw a bag of unopened spaghetti at my face all while demanding "NOODLES!!! MAMA... NOODLES!!" she's a girl who knows what she wants i suppose.

4. for a few minutes at the end of the night, we let her watch the ipad in our bed. when it's time to go read a few books and we tell her that it's time to shut the ipad off, without even looking up at us she holds up three or four awkward fingers and says, "two minutes, dada. twooooo minutes."

5. "luhs you, mama. luhs you, dada"



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