three years ago...


this week, i found out i was pregnant with our girl.
i wasn't exactly what i would refer to as prepared to see those lines on the pregnancy test (or the three tests after it) but the second i saw those lines, i became a mother. more specifically, i became your mother. and if pregnancy and motherhood have taught me anything, it's to be grateful. 

i'm grateful for the beauty that lies within the chaos and mess that is our daily life. 

i'm grateful that you're healthy and vivacious and have such an unbelievably bold and feisty little spirit. 

i'm grateful that i've been given this chance to be your friend and to remind you when you may need it that i'll always be rooting for you and in your corner, even if it's disguised as tough love. 

i'm grateful that it's my job to set limits and also to push you to exceed the boundaries and expectations that society has set for you. 

i'm grateful that you've softened me, taken away grudges and chips that once weighed heavily on my shoulders. 

i'm grateful that you've taught me that there is nothing worth fighting harder for than your family and your love for one another. 

but most of all, marlo, more than any of those thing, i'm simply grateful to have the chance to spend a lifetime loving you.



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