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everyone loves chicken. everyone. and everyone in my household loves this particular chicken. i particularly love it because it's made in one pan in the oven and the prep work in minimal, minus the slicing of some veggies and the pulsing of a food processor.

if you're interested in a fool-proof roasted chicken with portions large enough to feed a family of four or five, this is the chicken for you.

roasted whole chicken with lemon, thyme, and a shit-ton of garlic
(serves a lot with left-overs)

the chicken
one whole organic cut-up chicken
one lemon
fresh thyme
one pod of garlic
half of a large yellow onion
half of a medium fennel root
flaky sea salt

the basil mayo
two egg yolks
extra virgin olive oil
handful of basil
lemon juice
preheat your oven to 350 degrees. (this is a two-part cooking process, fyi.) 

while the oven is preheating, rinse and dry your chicken. slice the lemon, fennel, and onion thinly and layer in the bottom of a heavy oven-safe skillet*. next, slice a pod of garlic against the bias and place in pan. add sprigs of thyme. how much is really up to you. i use a lot, which, is a technical term. and don't waste your time pulling the leaves off of the stems. it's underneath the chicken so the stems matter little. 

next, place the chicken pieces on top of the flavorings. drizzle with evoo and season liberally with sea salt and cracked black pepper. next, sprinkle thyme leaves on top of the chicken. cover with foil and cook for forty minutes until cooked through**.  

while the chicken is roasting, in a food processor or blender, pulse the ingredients for the mayo- minus the olive oil- until well combined. through the spout of the processor, slowly drizzle into the yolk-basil mixture until emulsified and the consistency of a mayonnaise. season with salt and pepper to taste. set aside in a bowl to chill until serving.

after the chicken is cooked through, uncover the chicken and let rest for a few minutes while you turn the broiler on. cook under the broiler for another fifteen or so minutes until the skin is brown and crispy. rotate the pan in the oven once so that it browns evenly.

let rest for ten minutes so that the juices can redistribute and serve along side a mixed green salad and roasted fingerlings potatoes. oh, and don't forget the mayo! it's so, so good with the chicken and roasted fingerlings!*** 

*if you don't have one already, you should invest in a cast-iron skillet. invest is a strong word here because they're actually fairly cheap. i'm talking less than thirty bucks in most cases. so, no excuses really. **you can do this step the night before, too, and just reheat at the higher temp (step two) when you're ready to serve. ***ps. the basil mayo makes for a killer chicken salad with the leftover chicken. along with the diced leftover chicken, just add a handful of baby spinach leaves, half of a cup of halved grape or cherry tomatoes, diced red onion to taste, and stir in with the mayo. so, so very good.


chloe marty said...

this looks amazing - can't wait to make it soon


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