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the white boyfriend jean.

the jean that, according to many unwritten outdated fashion laws, you should only wear for a few short months a year is actually extremely versatile. and because of its' versatility, my argument to splurge on a great pair is only strengthened due to their cost per wear.

so. there.
nothing is more chic to me than wearing all white. am i right? or am i right? 

also, adding some snazzy-ass shoes is the quickest and most sure-fire way to dress up a mom-centric uniform of denim and a slouchy and comfy tee. when you're a new mom and clothes aren't fitting exactly the way you'd like, fun and exciting accessories are the way to spice it all up. 
and as far as fall and winter, there are few combinations more classic than black and white. 

and don't try to tell me that you can't wear white after labor day! these particular boyfriend jeans unroll to hit right at the ankle; you could absolutely pair them with some killer black leather booties for fall and even into winter. okay. so, maybe not a brutal new york winter but whatever. you see where i'm going with it...

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Unknown said...

I am pretty sure I am winter :). love the sunnies in all seasons.


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