five things | from the week


1. the morning light in our bedroom is on point. it's by far my favorite time of day. also, white linens. always. always. joe and i have very differing opinions regarding the importance and use of white linens everywhere in our home but i just remind him that a happy wife equals a happy life. as such, there is a lot of white in our home much to his silent, head shaking dismay.

2. i made a lot of food this weekend: friday night called for spaghetti with olives, heirloom tomatoes, capers, and burrata. saturday and my monthly homesickness craved my most favorite southern dish of shrimp and grits. sunday morning we had thick slices of bacon and soft-scrambled eggs. and last night, we ended it all with black bean and ground beef tostadas with homemade guacamole and tomatilla salsa. you know what? i have no problem admitting that i fall short in a myriad of ways as a mother, wife, friend, etc. but feeding my family? yeah, it's not one of them.

3. on sunday morning after said bacon and eggs, i was scrolling through the television guide and saw that father of the bride was on. i haven't seen this movie since i had a daughter and lemme tell you something... i sobbed like a little baby. in fact, i don't think i've ever cried so hard during a movie. also, i love franc.

4. i think we're going to start potty training soon. i'm terrified but am also totally ready for it. i'm over the diaper thing and also over how difficult it is to keep mo actually in one. girlfriend prefers to be naked. at. all. times. i mean, i would too if my buns were as cute as hers. pinch, pinch.

5. i'm so, so excited that, along with seven other kick-ass mamas and their cubs, i was chosen to be a style ambassador for littleboogaweezin's fall collection. littleboogaweezin is an amazing company owned by jen- a kick-ass mama whose main mission is to empower and unite all mamas, to celebrate our differences as well as our similarities, and to learn from and support one another as we navigate the endless and winding road of motherhood. i'm honored to be apart of the LBW family and even luckier to count jen as a friend. i'll still be writing and cooking with mo once a month with them, too, which you can read here.



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