goats in brooklyn


yesterday, we walked a block or two around the corner to john street, to just under that beautifully majestic manhattan bridge, and found five or six grumpy-ass goats chomping away on an overgrown temporary urban pasture.

and like new york often does, it stepped in to teach me something so necessary at just the right time.

this is where i will tell you that living in new york blows my mind. often.

this is where i will tell you that living in new york will never, ever get old.

except for when it does. which, is almost always half of the time.


stumbling upon those bearded goats reminded me why i love this city so much and why i believe that raising marlo here, while incredibly difficult, is such an unbelievable privilege for our family. this city, as increasingly cramped as it is, makes space for everyone- even goats- and that is what i want marlo to grow up having so deeply instilled in her.

i want her to know that everyone belongs.



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