five things | i never want to forget


 1. i never want to forget the fascinating way you notice everything. the way the waves crash onto the rocks, the speed of the tug boat floating by, the tiny piece of trash on the ground that everyone carelessly overlooks. it's not only an attention to detail, but a necessary reminder to me to slow down enough to notice the things that i usually walk by without a second's thought.
2. i never want to forget the way you ask for and say "itsy bitsy spider." quite possibly the cutest damn thing ever.

3. i never want to forget the way you ask for "just one more?" ride on the carousel. yes, babe. of course. 

4. i never want to forget how you point to something and say, "this?" it's your way of asking what something is. i imagine it'll lead into the why? game sooner rather than later.

5. i never want to forget your current obsession with babies in bellies. you go up to random pregnant strangers and ask about their "baybeee beddie" and place your tiny hand without asking. it catches some people off guard and i instantly apologize but, for the most part, you give those soon-to-be mamas a dose of the oh-my-word-i-can't-wait-to-have-one-of-those-hurry-up-and-get-here feel good frenzies. you've also gone up to women who aren't pregnant and that's incredibly awkward. you also keep asking me for a baby belly. stay tuned, mo... stay tuned.



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