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"a picture of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014."
i've yet to experience anything in this whole parenthood game that compares to how sad and pitiful it is to hold your baby while she throws up all over you and your house and i hope i never have to. friday morning began a little before four am and by four pm, we had gone through four outfit changes each, two sets of sheets for both of our beds, three slings, and two rugs. every time marlo would throw up, she'd shake and sob afterwards. for someone who doesn't let me even come close to her toenails or cleaning her ears without putting up a serious fight, having such little control over her body as it rebelled against her was shocking for her and, quite frankly, pretty scary. it killed me to see her so defeated. we made it almost a full two revolutions around the sun without a stomach bug and i wouldn't mind going a few more before we face that again.


Bees_Circus said...

Oh. That sounds so horrible, I'm so sorry Mama! I hope all is well now!


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