nesting | unnecessary accessories


admittedly, i style my home. i always have fresh flowers on our table and i proudly display coffee table books in various nooks of our little space. i like to have a candle burning constantly and i believe that pillows make a room feel cozier and complete. and while these things are completely unnecessary and ultimately frivolous, it's these little things which what make our house feel like our home, not just 700 square feet of rented warehouse space.

| this orb copper cocktail shaker was a get well soon gift from my mamiga, april, and it absolutely completed our bar | these candles are expensive but they last forever and they're quite potent- i only need one for our entire home, which, makes the price a little more justifiable | salt & pepper grinders that i'd actually want to leave out on a table | a chic vase for cheap bouquets of dandelions from trader joe's | a set of obnoxious and fabulous furry pillows | the best and most overpriced soap ever reserved for guests only | 



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