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like anyone wants another green smoothie recipe... oh well.

while i'll admit that i'm not real big on supplements, i am a BIG believer in oils and probiotics. after a lot of trial and error, among other things, these four supplements are making a big difference in my skin, my blood sugar/appetite, and my digestion. and after these two surgeries and so many issues since having marlo, i need all of the help i can get.

but it's physically painful taking supplements by themselves. gag. so, i make this smoothie to help speed the process along in the morning. pun intended.

*a fair warning: this smoothie is not low in calories because of the fat content. **a small side note: i've been taking a shot of liquid chlorophyll down the hatch every morning and it's made a HUGE difference in my skin. tastes like horse shit but it's like eating four pounds of kale all before you've had your coffee. 
(serves one)

one cup unsweetened almond milk
one frozen ripe banana
large handful organic baby spinach
one tbsp creamy raw unsalted almond butter
one-half cup frozen mango (or fruit of your choice)
one tbsp greens powder
one tbsp omega oil


put into a blender (in my case, a baby bullet) and blend really well because nobody likes a lumpy smoothie. am i right or am i right?


Stacey Pace said...

This is a completely random question for this post but I am asking anyway. Do you have any recommendations for SPF/skin care? I am looking at quitting my makeup routine for a while and plan to focus more on my skincare.

Also, for the smoothie- ideas for substituting out the banana? Love them but I am unfortunately allergic.

Christine said...

Hey there! I have tried about a million skin care options. I have fairly sensitive skin and everything seems to break me out. For my body SPF, I wear La Roche-Posay Athelios spray (you can get it on Amazon). For my face, I wear Kiehl's. It's not natural but it doesn't break me out and it's super light. I wear a tinted moisturizer by NARS that has SPF in it, too. I also really love Aesop's products. I was actually doing a post of my favorite skin care products that I'll post this afternoon or tomorrow if you're interested in checking back.

As far as the smoothie, you could honestly do any fruit. I like banana because it masks the powders and supplements. But I use frozen peaches, blueberries, and pineapple, too. Hope that helps!!

Heidi said...

What brand of liquid chlorophyll do you use? Thanks!

Christine said...

Hey Heidi! I use DeSouza's that I got on Amazon. You can find it at all health food stores, too. Hope that helps!


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