five things | i never want to forget


1. i never want to forget how much she loves being in the kitchen with me. even if her idea of being in the kitchen is to take everything out of the cabinets and drawers and make a huge mess, i just like her being in there with me. i really hope she always has an enthusiasm and love for food and cooking and sharing meals with people she loves.

2. i never want to forget the random waves in her hair. there is no rhyme or reason to their placement and i really think that every day, they lie in different spots around her head. but her hair is pretty wild and getting so long. those waves are the sole reason why i refuse to cut it. i don't want to see them go.

3. i never want to forget so countless times she'll be laying on our bed or her bed or the sofa or the floor and she'll hold her arm up and ask for "tickhols? tickhols, mama?" she loves when she gets goosebumps (weirdo) and if i stop tickling her for whatever reason, she'll shove her arm in my face and demand "mwoor, mama. mwoor. mwoor tickhols." sure thing, baby girl.

4. i never want to forget that after her discovery of flowers possessing a smell, she tends to stop and smell the roses. every. time. she. sees. one. our walks seem to last forever these days. but i love it.

5. i never want to forget the resemblance she has to a hippy on an lsd trip when she dances. arms swaying in the air, eyes closed, whole body bouncing with the rhythm. it's quite possibly the cutest thing ever.


tina bumblebee said...

Love this :)

Anonymous said...

Once again, I wish I had your way with words...

In all but the cooking. For me, that's my alone time with my glass of wine. However, I look forward to the time when it's NOT my unwinding time of day, so I can share it with Maya!

The little side curls (I am never cutting Maya's hair until SHE tells me she wants to, and even then I might put up a fight :))


Tickles!! When do they lose the enjoyment of this and move to "DON'T TICKLE ME!!" I hope I avoid whatever it is that ilicits that switch!

And the toddler dancing...Nothing.Better.


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