two years ago today & a few reflections on pregnancy


1. i've never been happier or nicer than when i was pregnant. i was so jolly and my belly shook when i laughed. i felt like santa clause most days. i believe that part of my unyielding happiness came from simply not giving a shit about anything except what and who really mattered. when you're creating life, focusing precious energy on unimportant things and people isn't an option. or, at least, it shouldn't be. life makes sense in an entirely new way and priorities become blindingly clear. clarity like that will make even the coldest and heaviest heart lighter.

2. my water broke in a bar. things progressed rather quickly. and by quickly, i mean that when i called the nurse to tell her i was in labor, she began secretly timing my contractions. after two contractions within two minutes, she seemed alarmed and asked me if i could feel the baby's head. never ask a woman in labor if she can feel her baby's head. just a thought.

3. a few things i miss about being pregnant? big boobs and maternity jeans. the shiny hair and skin. oh. and people being so nice for no reason. a few things i don't miss about being pregnant? everything else. (i had a pretty rough go of it.)

4. i knew we were having a girl about seven weeks in. i had never been more sure of anything in my entire life. one morning before we had our sonogram, i woke up and shot out of bed, declaring to joe that her name was going to be marlo mclean. i told him that she would have green eyes and auburn hair and be an absolute spit-fire. he laughed me off and thought that i was being incredibly weird and hormonal and that i was projecting what i wanted in a child onto the idea of what our child could be based purely on genetics. i told him that he was being an asshole. well, i think it's safe to say that i was right on all counts. 

5. would i do it again? abso-fuckin'-lutely.


tina bumblebee said...

Can't stop laughing at #2!

ss said...

I love this post. it reminds me of my own pregnancy. I loved it so much. I took such great care of myself, had a real easy time really, and I, too, had the belly laughs. Happy almost-birthday to sweet Marlo!


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