mothers day | a gift guide


i've got no problem being honest in the fact that i enjoy gifts. whether they're bought for me or if i buy them for myself makes no difference to me. truth be told, i'm so good at shopping for myself these days, i'd almost prefer keeping with that tradition.

so, for mother's day, instead of your typical bouquet of flowers or a spa gift card- although, have no doubt, i'll have my house covered in fresh flowers from the local bodega- these are some items that i know i'd personally love for mother's day.

woven tapesty | a set of copper mugs plus the ingredients to whip up a couple of moscow mules, of course | fresh sugar lip balm treatment to replace the one that my lovely toddler destroyed | an every day spring market tote | a french marble pastry slab for keeping her ass in the kitchen baking pies. kidding, obviously. (so, papa joe, i really, really want this for baking purposes. need i remind you that you and littlest love bug will be the biggest benefactors? i didn't think so.) | greer V necklace (currently 25% off) |


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you posted this. I bought my MIL the market tote last chanukah and was a little unsure if she was into it. But since its on your gift guide, I'll assume that yes, she is.


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