life can get so busy, can't it? i mean, here we are and it's nearly february. how did that happen? as thrilled as i am to inch little bit by little bit closer to spring and warmer temps, i don't personally enjoy how quickly time passes these days.

but then there are the weekends. the glorious, glorious weekends.

weekends which allow me the time to get away for a few hours alone to gather my thoughts and turn them into words on a page. weekends give me time to spend with joe and marlo during long and cold walks to the playground and back. weekends mean pancake breakfast and saturday night pad thai couch dates where we don't have to leave our home. weekends mean having the opportunity to enjoy a delicious brunch with my best gal on a gloomy sunday afternoon.

and having this beautiful city as the back drop to our leisurely weekends? well, it pretty much seals the deal for me, i think.



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