marlo update | 21 months


so, marlo, it's kind of killing me that you are twenty-one months old. i don't know how it happened or how time is passing flying by us so ungodly fast but it is and there isn't much i can do about it other than to embrace it and the changes that come along with it. 

this particular age is a lot of fun; however, it can be incredibly frustrating for both of us. there is so much you want to say, you just don't quite have the words, yet. every day, i watch the wheels turn and burn in your tiny mind and i find myself fascinated by what must be going on up there. i find myself pausing every so often to silently observe you in the middle of whatever it is you're trying to figure out because i desperately want to know how your mind works and ticks. i want to know and respect the little individual you are becoming. 

there are more than a few things about you that i hope i never forget: like, the way that your hair turns up in the back after you've been sleeping on it all night. i never want to forget the way you bounce your shoulders when you dance and then end your dance with an extremely impressive downward dog. i never want to forget how much you enjoy family hugs. i never want to forget the way in which you resemble phoebe from friends when you run. i never want to forget the sound of your throaty little voice when you're talking yourself to sleep in the evenings. i never want to forget the feeling of you coming over to wherever i am and grabbing my finger to lead me to wherever you want to go. i never want to forget the way you turn "bed" and "bag" into two syllables: bed-dah and baag-ahh. 

i never want to forget how expressive you are when you are displeased. i always want to remember how determined and stubborn you so that one day, when you may feel defeated, i can remind you of it and hopefully it'll make you smile and give you the push that you may need to keep on keeping on. 

i hope you always know how much i do and will always love you, marlo.

to the moon but further.




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