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| mickey mouse in nothing but a diaper | gallery wall change-up |
| me and my girl cuddling in our sling during that horribly freezing weather last week |
| having a cupcake of her very own and being all big girl about it |
1. i'm going to eat a cupcake and not share it with marlo. she can have her own.

2. i'm going to attempt to break in my new booties. if only fed ex would deliver them already. side note: i have no patience.

3. i'm going to let marlo watch as much mickey mouse clubhouse as she wants because her two year molars are coming in and they are being quite the pain in the arse for us both. hash tag whatever works.

4. i'm going to lay face-down on the hardwood floor and let my thirty pound toddler walk and climb all over me because she finds it endlessly entertaining and i find it a poor man's back massage.

5. i'm going to bask in the high that i'm feeling from the fact that a piece of my work was featured on AOL's homepage.

6. i will send out at least half of our thank you cards for our christmas gifts from family and friends. AT LEAST half.

7. i will pull the trigger on buying this floppy hat that i've been coveting. i "need" it for an upcoming trip with my man to the west coast that he surprised me with for my birthday slash our anniversary.

8. i will drink a glass of red wine tonight while i finish up the last article of a three part series on what to expect.

9. we will have a little play date this afternoon with our good friends, karolina and phoenix, and have the best time. those two are the sweetest.

10. i'm going to cuddle my girl so hard.


KBrittain said...

Loved your article on what to expect on ppd. Michelle posted it on fb. I loved all the comments that thanked you for your honesty- and how they sounded not as alone. Women need to stick together more! Keep up the great writing.


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