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so, guess what?!

my sweet joe surprised me with a trip to the west coast for my birthday slash anniversary for four whole days! my birthday is march 1st and our anniversary is the 2nd so we'e got a lot to celebrate. side note: may i recommend this particular timing to any brides-to-be? it makes for a super fun weekend-long celebration. joe won't tell me exactly where we are going; my best bet is san francisco. i've never been but have mentioned more than a few obnoxious times that if i could visit anywhere in the US, it'd be san fran. second would be new orleans. third would be savannah. fourth would be austin.

he keeps teasing me that it's seattle but i don't believe him. although i'd really love to go there, too.

my only plan- regardless of the locale- is to eat and drink our way around the city, take a ton of photos, and enjoy some alone time with my hot and thoughtful man. bowchickabowwow. my amazing mama is coming up to take care of our little modine mclean while we have some much needed time away from life. we're so incredibly lucky to have her to help us out and i know that she's excited to spend some time with her grandbabe. the meems is the shit. (we love you.)

my friend, erin, just so happens to be traveling to san fran the day after we're leaving- such a damn bummer that we're missing each other by ONE DAY. she asked me for some packing light ideas and i'm surprisingly pretty good at doing just that. blame it on me being very low-maintenance and not caring what my hair looks like. hence, the hat.

so, here's what i'm planning on bringing:
from what i've been told about san fran weather, it's temperature range can be pretty whacky.
so, it'll all be about layers, staying comfortable, and multi-tasking items.  
boyfriend jeans | skinny jeans | outbound jacket | whiskey leather booties (so comfortable and the perfect color) | chambray top (i live in them) | greywhite simple tees (i'm a tee snob) | lightweight sweater | dinner blazer or jacket | chuck taylor's (always) | a fabulous hat (thanks, allie, for the rec!) | cashmere scarf | leather back-pack | chic sunglasses | dslr camera | long lasting lipstick (for all the selfies you're bound to take) | a good book or two for the plane (a shameless plug) |

hey friends who have been to san francisco- if that is, in fact, where he's taking me- what would you suggest that we do? we'll have three full days and nights there and want to make the most of it but also want to leave room for meandering around aimlessly (read: spare time for drinking a lot of wine and maintaining a day-long buzz). i'd prefer to avoid the tourist traps and we already have dinner reservations courtesy of the hubs. i'd really love to hear your thoughts. you can email me or leave your suggestions in the comments. thanks so much!


Chelsea Mac said...

Check out Anchor & Hope; it's Ina rando side alley, but it's a neat atmosphere with good eats & drinks! Enjoy SF!

Unknown said...

We're trying to decide between San Fran and Austin for our 1 year anniversary in May! So, wherever you go you'll have to let me know some must see/do places! :)

Anni said...

SOOO jealous! I am CRAVING a trip away with Jay but don't want to waste a kid free vacay not being able to drink. i made him promise that as soon as baby #3 can be left alone we're off somewhere. Also, we had the most fab sushi in san fran but I can't remember the name. I'll let you know if I do. This may be a little touristy for you but I loved exploring parts of the city by bike. Loved biking over the GG bridge to Sausalito.

Anonymous said...

Hey you-let me know if do in fact end up going to SF. I can send you to many great restaurants and such-just let me know what you are in the mood for! You will just love, love it here!


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