five things from the week


1. last year, it was a little easier to manage the cold winter months because marlo wasn't walking and absolutely bat shit crazy. this year, things have changed. this year, our little modine is bat shit crazy. which, is fine and all and fairly entertaining on most days. but on the days that it rains or we're blessed with a polar vortex- i shit you not, that's what they were calling the weather this week- those days aren't the picture of fun. on the bright side, we get to be all matchy-matchy in our rain boots.

2. i firmly believe that screw top bottles of wine were created purposefully for mothers whom experience the witching hour. fuck that hour. yesterday during that hour, marlo threw a stool straight across the room and hit me in the shin. y'all. she's twenty months old and threw a wooden stool across. the. room. so, thank you wine gods for screw top bottles.

3. i had all intentions of sanding the shit out of a console last night. but then the red wine with the screw top got into my veins somewhere a little after four pm and by marlo's bedtime, manual labor became less and less of a priority. i started yearning for a gwyneth paltrow movie and simple-carbohydrates. gwyneth and her pretentious, perfectly toned ass won.

4. our new dining room table is being delivered today which looks just like our current dining room table except it isn't from ikea and won't be impersonating the 'wobble-wobble' dance. pretty stoked about that one.

5. currently, i'm sitting at my favorite little coffee shop and at a table across from me sits a man who is heavily bearded with a ponytail and resembles an avett brother, but sexier. i know many of my girlfriends from nc would be embarrassing themselves to the nth degree right now to get his attention. hashtag i love brooklyn.

happy saturday, folks.

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Anonymous said...

Praise be tot he Gods of screw-top wine bottles. The makers definitely had mothers suffering through witching hour in mind with this awesome invention.


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