the 52 project | 02


"a picture of my daughter, once a week, every week in 2014."
when people first see this photo, i imagine that they'll think, "awe, how sweet! look how much she enjoys taking a bath! how cute?! how precious?!" oh, how deceiving you can be, wee one. you're only this happy and this animated about said joy because you were farting like a seventy year old man who cares little for the people around him and you just so happen to find farts to be the most hysterical thing in the entire world. i, however, really hope you grow out of this.


nicole gonzalez said...

She's all class. Love her.

Anonymous said...

So awesome.

With Love, By Nic said...

My daughter is currently in this stage, what is it about bubbles in the tub that don't belong there that is so funny to them??? >> she, on the other hand, is too cute for words. A+ for the photo op!


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