five things | i love about marlo that i never want to forget


1. the way she says "peeeeze" when she would like to have something and it's out of her reach.

2. those lashes. those pouty lips. those auburn baby hairs. that scrunchy, edible little nose. i could stare at her for hours. and i have. and i still do. and i probably will continue to do so until it becomes creepy. i just think she's beautiful.

3. after a diaper change and while she's still lying on the table, i'll ask her if i can nibble on her toes. she'll pause and think about it for a few moments and then give me a huge grin. she'll slowly raise her toes to my mouth and i'll pretend to eat them like corn on the cob. through giggles and "mmmm's" i tell her how yummy her toes are and she just laughs and laughs and laughs. i'll never get tired of hearing that girl give a good belly laugh.

4. hearing her say mommy at least one hundred times a day. while i occasionally wish that someone else's name was as wanted and needed so that just maybe i could have a little break, there's something so sweet and lovely about hearing her call out for me, something so reassuring in her need for her mummy.

5. her enthusiasm for food. she may look just like her dad but that child's appetite is all her mama's. this morning as i was putting bacon in the skillet, her dad was holding her so that she could see and she gasped with a big, "oooooh." she loves everything about food: eating it, preparing it, shopping for it. it makes my heart so happy.



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