wwmw | 01


gap cardigan, riding pants, tee, & beanie, minnetonka moccasins.
can you even handle those pants? 
i don't do fashion posts and i never intend to. totally not my thing and i'd feel like a dork posing for a camera. however, i do regularly receive quite a few questions about what little modine is wearing. so, i figured i'd start doing a series called what would modine/mo/marlo wear.

oddly enough, no one really cares what i'm wearing, only what color lipstick i have on. my kid is cooler than me, i've accepted it.

*fyi. these posts are not sponsored. we're not that cool. i've accepted that, too.


Unknown said...

Love her style! You have inspired me to try your lipstick color too.. and I am in love! Thanks!!

emily said...

aren't our little ones so much more fun to dress? ramona, too, has way better clothes than me.


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